Wednesday, May 20, 2020

What I’m Watching: Dead to Me

Dead to Me: Season 2, Episode 2 “Where Have You Been” (B+)

So much for my relief that Steve wasn’t actually dead but instead had somehow survived, but I’m actually okay with what’s actually happening. Judy has been established as someone who isn’t known for conveying the complete truth, and she’s exactly the kind of person who would neglect to mention that Steve had an (almost) identical twin and that he was close enough with his mother to call her every day. James Marsden is doing great work as Ben, making him the polar opposite of Steve, so unnecessarily chatty and friendly, eager to spend time with the people who are so worried they’re going to slip up and reveal something they shouldn’t. Steve’s body should really be relocated from Jen’s freezer, especially because Detective Perez is likely going to be taking a closer look at what Jen has been up to after showing up to inform her about the finally-ready restraining order only to see Judy casually chatting about their alcohol supply. Jen’s response to Judy saying that she would take care of her kids wasn’t exactly kind, and it’s about time she put together a legitimate document about who should get them if something happened to her. Despite her mother-in-law’s haughty nature, she’s probably a far more stable choice than Judy, but it’s clear that their parenting styles are very different. Having her go to prison doesn’t seem likely given that she’s one of the stars of this show, but you never know how things might end up playing out on this very intriguing and surprising season.

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