Sunday, May 10, 2020

What I’m Watching: Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow: Season 5, Episode 11 “Ship Broken” (B)

I’m really not a fan of Gary as a character, and I do think that the legends get themselves into enough trouble without needing the biggest idiot in all of time. Getting a letter from his therapist for his emotional support dog seemed to come out of nowhere, but the question that Ava really should have emphasized was where he got it from, since taking any animal out of hell is obviously a terrible idea. It was clever that he turned out to be Son of Sam’s demon dog, who was just trying to have a good time by getting them all to sabotage the ship and kill themselves. Sara being blind is apparently going to be a more permanent thing, but at least she’s done weeks of training blindfolded so she can function in a similar way. Astra isn’t making friends quickly, but she’s growing on everyone and might become a more permanent fixture aboard the Wave Rider. Mick bringing Lita onto the ship so that he could get her to like him better didn’t seem like the best idea, and she got a little too excited when he showed her his treasure trove of all the gold and valuables he’s stolen throughout his travels which she realized could make them rich enough to buy Manhattan. Thanks to some positive influences from Nate and Mick deciding what he could and couldn’t encourage her to do, she may just be okay. I’d enjoy seeing more of her on the ship – I hadn’t realized that actress Mina Sundwall has already spent plenty of time in space as Penny Robinson on Netflix’s reboot of “Lost in Space.”

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