Saturday, May 9, 2020

What I’m Watching: Good Girls (Season Finale)

Good Girls: Season 3, Episode 11 “Synergy” (C-)

This episode wasn’t necessarily any worse than the ones before it, but its unintended role as makeshift season finale just underscores the circular nature of this show. So little was accomplished, and Phoebe showing up in the park to ask them what they were celebrating shouldn’t have taken an entire episode after she spent most of it wondering why three friends would spend so much time together. The slow burn is not necessary or welcome at this point in the show since it’s dragging so much, and given how much Turner was operating off-book and on his own, it’s a good bet that we’ll see the same thing happen once Phoebe finally confronts them, probably without the proper authorization. I was not pleased at all by Stan’s apparent turn evil, since him being nice has always been one of the things that kept Ruby grounded. His return to normal was quick, negating anything that happened in this episode, and having him on board could make future crime there much more feasible. Annie didn’t get a subplot in this episode, and instead we had to endure Dean describing what was physical things he liked about Gail. Though I seriously question how Beth was able to execute her shop-emptying job so easily and what she offered Mick aside from the items he stole, it was admittedly a clever ploy that both brought down the purchase price of the store and enabled her to get revenge on Gail for taking pity on her. As this show signs off for now, I’m completely unsatisfied, which almost makes me want to keep watching just to know what happens when it eventually returns, though I really shouldn’t.

Season grade: C+
Season MVP: Christina Hendricks as Beth

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