Saturday, May 9, 2020

What I’m Watching: Insecure

Insecure: Season 4, Episode 4 “Lowkey Losin’ It” (B+)

Issa and Molly not having a chance to hash out their issues got much worse in this episode because they ended up being together, both pretending like things were fine and then asking their others friends if either of them had said something when the other was out of the room. Molly is falling on her sword a bit by offering to stay at work late when a colleague needed to leave and she knew that it might negatively impact her relationship with Andrew, and while it was unfortunate that Andrew made plans for the one night she was actually free, that was a predictable development she probably could have seen coming since she didn’t really communicate with him. That friction made Issa’s timing infinitely worse, when she called and glossed over Molly saying that she was so stressed about work, moving on immediately to asking for a favor. Molly may not have chosen the best words to express that she wasn’t going to even ask Andrew, but Issa’s response indicated a lack of compassion. Molly implying at first that Issa was to blame for somehow negating the contract wasn’t helpful, and the conversation just took a nosedive from there. At the point that they do eventually make up – which hi hope they do – it’s going to be important that Issa acknowledge that she pulled away and made herself less available because of how Molly made her feel. For now, Issa’s just going to have to work hard to find a replacement headliner all on her own.

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