Friday, May 22, 2020

What I’m Watching: Insecure

Insecure: Season 4, Episode 6 “Lowkey Done” (B+)

After such a big blow-up with Molly, it was probably better that this episode didn’t find them interacting at all. My favorite part of this half-hour was Issa talking to herself in the mirror since we haven’t seen her do that for so long. I love that her mirror self asked her to speak up when she suggested a self-care day and counseled her via other mirrors throughout the day. Offering to help the pregnant woman at the supermarket who couldn’t afford her groceries was generous, but after her card got declined, even the apparent scammer wasn’t interested in investing the time in it anymore. Giving a ride to the old man who missed the bus turned out to be a wild diversion, and I thoroughly enjoyed his irritating antics, like screaming “watch out” while in the car but referencing life rather than something in her path. I can’t figure out where I know actor Brent Jennings from, but he really was terrific as George. Going to the paint and sip and meeting a group of friendly out-of-towners seemed like it was going to make her day great, especially when she wowed them by describing herself as a cultural curator. Getting left in the bathroom as an item on the bachelorette checklist who also had to pay for the whole meal was the opposite of what she needed, and I wish that she had actually confronted the women rather than just let them walk away with no consequences. Choosing not to go into the restaurant and confront Molly made some sense even if she’s going to have to confront her eventually, but that didn’t need to be the end to this particularly trying day that was made better by a visit to her mom.

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