Sunday, July 5, 2020

What I’m Watching: Council of Dads (Series Finale)

Council of Dads: Season 1, Episode 10 “Fight or Flight” (B+)

That’s a wrap for this show, which I know is disappointing to fans and to my family, who enjoyed it quite a bit. I did think it was decent and very watchable, and this finale was particularly strong. Aside from the ending scene with Larry about to drink just as Robin was calling him, there was a good deal of resolution. Theo got out his anger at Anthony by punching him when he showed up to miraculously save them, and Anthony is getting started on his plans to pay everyone back by relaunching the restaurant and offering Theo a private culinary school so that he can indeed learn to cook. The water damage sustained by both the restaurant and the house was pretty severe, and the arrival of a new baby made things considerably easier because it provided a distraction. Oliver and Peter seem to be in a better place, and Sam casually dropped three important words to Robin in the middle of another conversation which means that their relationship has escalated far beyond what we’ve seen. And then there’s Larry, who worked so hard to get a good deal only to find out that the intentions he was promised were never sincere. Having these three completely different father figures for this large family was a solid idea because they all bring separate skills and strengths to the table. None of that compares, however, to Scott, whose brief return to survey the damage with Robin was rather affecting. I would happily have watched more of this show, but I guess this is all we’re going to get.

Series grade: B
Series MVP: J. August Richards as Oliver and Michael O’Neill as Larry

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