Friday, July 3, 2020

What I’m Watching: Space Force

Space Force: Season 1, Episode 5 “Space Flag” (B-)

This was the most aimless episode yet, featuring war games between Space Force and Air Force and an unlikely resolution due to that tricky element that Mark rarely likes to consider: science. The spacemen asking permission to nap while their suits were being walked back to the base by scientists didn’t exactly recommend their commitment or combat readiness. Mark always chooses to amplify Adrian at the worst moments, like when he shared that the suits are only designed to bring the suits back after spacemen are killed. Mark is committed to what he believes, like dressing for defense and there being power in conformity. I like the relationship that’s formed between him and Adrian, with the number two showing up at just the right moment to execute a freeze on all the Air Force suits so that Mark could triumphantly pop every one of their balloons when he was the last (space) man standing. Getting to do that to a devastated Grabaston felt particularly satisfying. Tony isn’t proving to be terribly useful, tripping one of the spacemen so that he got hit and eliciting a threat from Mark that, if he saw him on the battlefield, he would shoot him. Angela doesn’t always make friends fast, but I enjoyed how she got a lot of crap from the sergeant who she then remembered ranked lower than her. Bobby asking Erin questions that would likely be Mark’s passwords with a pen in hand was pretty hilarious, showcasing this show’s less subtle humor.

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