Friday, November 13, 2020

Round Two: B Positive

B Positive: Season 1, Episode 2 “Die Alysis” (B+)

It’s a fun experience watching this show with my in-laws since my mother-in-law gave my father-in-law a kidney, and therefore they’re particularly attuned to the plot points that speak to them as being realistic and others that seem much more far-fetched. Obviously, this is a comedy, as evidenced best by the absurd opening credits featuring the bloody organs singing gleefully. It sticks with the sitcom format, introducing the group of friends who all sit during dialysis together and complain about the various elements of their lives that aren’t great. Briga Heelan from “Ground Floor” and “Great News” is the standout from that crowd, instantly memorable and considerably more aggressive than the rest, to the point that she didn’t tell her employers about dialysis because she was determined not to lose her job. The other great new addition was Linda Lavin, last seen on another CBS sitcom, “9JKL,” who made a formidable impression offering unsolicited and unsubtle advice to Gina about taking Drew up on his offer to come live with him. Changing how she takes care of her body is going to be a major adjustment, and she seems ready to ensure that Drew is also affected by this new partnership. Reading a book instead of talking to her was never going to work well, and now he’s going to be forced to interact with the neighbors he’s spent so long avoiding. This setup may have been expected, but it’s going to lead to some good comedy, especially when Maddie meets the new woman living in her dad’s house without the context she might need.

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