Friday, November 27, 2020

What I’m Watching: Valley of Tears

Valley of Tears: Season 1, Episode 6 “Rain on Us!” (B+)

Things don’t seem to be all that secure at HQ, better known as Tokyo, since Meni was able to just walk around, pick up a phone, and pose as a mysterious commander to give one unit an order to go pick up his son while no one was paying attention. We got to see more of the colonel played by Ohad Knoller, who I first encountered in his early roles in “The Bubble” and “Beaufort,” who was laying out the reality of the situation and seemed impressed by Dafna’s ability to focus on what was important even without the proper resources being available. She understands that, despite her desire to find Yoav, the safety and security of the entire military comes before one person since everyone deserves to be rescued. The group out on the hill managed to survive pretty well with the fire ordered by Caspi, but going back out to get the radio put them all at significant risk. Melahki was so casual and annoying on the radio with Dafna when he realized that Yoni was in his presence, and it was likely heartbreaking for Meni to hear that his son was alive and well but unwilling to speak to him. After Yoav got him through the minefield, Avinoam stepped up to save him, tying a tourniquet and dragging him an incredible distance. He wasn’t at all okay with the idea of shooting Yoav, and even worried about leaving a gun with him because he might do it himself. Survival doesn’t seem likely for either of them at this point, but I think they can prevail.

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