Monday, November 16, 2020

Take Three: Roadkill

Roadkill: Season 1, Episode 3 (B+)

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Peter walked away with nothing more than an exaggerated arm injury and Charmian got killed in what was deemed a hit and run. Peter got a whole lot of bad news in this hour, which also included Steff’s death, which prompted Rose to come forward and speak directly to Duncan about how insistent she was on meeting her father. Lily has proven herself to be very passionate about how she feels Peter has dictated her family’s life and determined to hold him to account for his misdeeds, a trial served with a side of uncooked chicken. I’m always pleased with any opportunity to see Ophelia Lovibond from “Trying” and “Elementary,” who showed up as second daughter Susan, who didn’t think much of her father but had plenty of points of disagreement with her sister too. Duncan was forceful in showing up and talking to his boss, who correctly deduced that he was sleeping with Julia and therefore not a reliable advisor. Julia herself was approached by elements clearly intent on bringing Dawn down as prime minister, and the idea that Peter might be put forward as a replacement candidate just before Charmian’s newspaper prints the latest allegations against him is enticing from a dramatic perspective. It’s a relief that Charmian’s last-minute research didn’t get destroyed and that Rochelle made what was a truly difficult decision to share it despite the near-certainty that it will undo the case she worked hard to win. The fury Madeleine expressed toward Peter when he showed up and tried to get her to stop throwing her own possessions at him is likely indicative of what most in his family and work circle think of him, and he’s going to have few friends advocating for him when he needs them most.

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