Saturday, November 21, 2020

Take Two: Departure

Departure: Season 1, Episode 2 “Survivor” (B-)

It’s taken me a while to watch more of this show since I’ve been more focused on other series that have premiered in the past two months. Coming back to it, it’s clear that it’s formulaic and based around big reveals that happen right before each commercial break. There continue to be many mysteries that only become more unclear as more information is revealed, and none of it seems to be going over too well with the public. Kendra’s decision to tell Madelyn’s father that she was still alive was puzzling, and Howard didn’t react positively from his omniscient observation point. Holding a press conference to say that there was survivor but not identifying her should be enough to make all the family members anxiously awaiting news go crazy, and there’s of course the important fact that someone else was apparently on the raft who is now nowhere to be found. That he may well be a dead Iranian who was working with the Mossad only complicates things further, and I worry that this show is going to trip over its own logic with all of these twists. Having the diver who found the black box die a violent death was an unfortunate development, one that seemed to serve Janet’s purposes, whatever they are. I’m not sure what comes next but I’d love to get some more answers and fewer crowded hospital rooms with unrealistic interrogations. I think there’s something interesting here but I think the theatrics and need for bombshells are getting in the way.

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