Monday, November 16, 2020

What I’m Watching: Fargo

Fargo: Season 4, Episode 9 “East/West” (B-)

While I can appreciate the focus on two strong characters from this season, I don’t love the idea of spending an entire hour away from the rest of the ensemble, especially knowing that there are only two installments remaining in this season. It wasn’t clear for the first few minutes exactly where or when we were, with only Omie and Constant there to give any indication of the general time. We saw Rabbi soon after with Satchel in tow, not doing a great job of blending in thanks to Rabbi’s thick Irish accent and the color of Satchel’s skin, which was not something anyone in town appreciated. Staying at a motel where the two owners weren’t so fond of people who looked like Satchel made them stand out a bit more, though that wasn’t what ended up being the problem. Instead, Satchel nearly got taken in – or worse – by a prying police officer and Rabbi didn’t have an easy time getting his money, which the bank owners had decided to go ahead and take for themselves because they found it in the walls. That scene with the tornado was decidedly intense, making it clear that this show takes place in the Midwest and reminiscent of “A Serious Man.” The final scene, which was presented in color, wasn’t all that emphatic, and I’d much rather know what’s going on back in Kansas City with the many characters we left behind there, including those we last saw potentially bleeding to death on the ground in a train station.

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