Saturday, November 21, 2020

What I’m Watching: Five Bedrooms (Season Finale)

Five Bedrooms: Season 1, Episode 8 “One Bid” (B+)

Here’s one show that I’m relieved to know will definitely be back for a second season since production was already underway in Australia before the pandemic hit and has apparently already resumed. It’s also been almost a year and a half since season one finished airing there, so that will still mark a considerable amount of time before it returns, presumably sometime next year. It seemed inevitable that the housemates would decide that they didn’t want to sell, though it probably would have helped if they had come to that realization just a minute or two earlier before someone made a pretty sizeable bid to buy it. I think that, even if they couldn’t keep the house, the characters are interesting enough here that I would gladly continue watching the show. I’m glad that Ainsley came to the decision not to stay with Lachlan romantically on her own since it was so glaringly obvious how out of touch with reality he was, and it was somehow worse that Melanie was pregnant than it would have been if Lachlan had just slept with her, which even Ainsley thought could be happening. It’s good to know that Heather wasn’t ever going to get on that plane, and now she’ll stay behind to be a protective aunt for Ainsley’s baby along with the rest of the housemates. It was funny to see Manju and Marty team up to approve of Pete after Harry had already embarrassed himself by nearly proposing to him before asking if he was dating anyone. Liz got a great offer in the form of a free luxury home from Edwina, but I think she’d rather complain and feel the connection to the housemates she sometimes likes. She also took plenty of heat for terming their situation a “debacle,” even from the usually forgiving Ben. I’m excited to see where this show goes next – it’s been a fun and highly enjoyable experience thus far.

Season grade: B+
Season MVP: All five of them!

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