Tuesday, November 10, 2020

What I’m Watching: Soulmates (Season Finale)

Soulmates: Season 1, Episode 6 “The (Power) Ballad of Caitlin Jones” (B-)

This episode was even more peculiar and off-putting than any of the others this season, introducing a creepy storyline that never quite got resolved and then ended up ending on a much more haunting note that I had hoped or expected. While I think I originally saw Betsy Brandt on “Breaking Bad,” I found her considerably more endearing on “Life in Pieces,” which allowed her to show her comedic skills. This part found her once again portraying a miserable character with very little agency over her own life, including not being able to say no to an obnoxious coworker and failing to get her do-nothing boyfriend to move out of her apartment. J.J. Feild was undeniably creepy as Nathan, who was too charming at first and then revealed his fascination with hurting others that he wanted to share with Caitlin, and Tom Goodman-Hill portrayed a version of the useless husband he played on “Humans” here as the completely clueless Doug, whose ultimate fate was brutal but not surprising. I guess the message here is that the soul test can compel people to force themselves to be compatible, navigating what they don’t realize they might actually like or need in their lives. I had a feeling she was going to stab Nathan too at the end, though them kissing and proclaiming their love was a similarly dark and weird finish to last week’s vomiting partners. This is a peculiar and off-putting end to this first season which makes me moderately intrigued to see more but wondering what the need is for quite so much darkness.

Season grade: B
Season MVP: Sarah Snook and David Costabile

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