Sunday, November 22, 2020

What I’m Watching: Ratched

Ratched: Season 1, Episode 6 “Got No Strings” (B+)

This episode really transported us away from the reality we’ve previously been experiencing, and I was almost surprised to see a scene that took place with a number of the regular characters at the mental hospital. After she shot Gwendolyn as they were making their escape, Dolly seemed infinitely more comfortable with the idea of killing and being on the run than Edmond did, partly because he realized that they couldn’t evade authorities forever and this jailbreak was just a fleeting bit of fun. It’s sad to see Dolly gunned down since she was a formidable and unexpectedly interesting character, but she made a clear choice that didn’t support Edmond’s efforts to surrender and take all the blame for everything. Going with Gwendolyn to the puppet show was a creative way to fill in the gaps about Mildred and Edmond’s pasts, which led to Mildred’s outburst and her telling Gwendolyn the truth about her relationship with Edmond, who isn’t actually her birth brother. Mildred got the power she’s been able to exert over so many people over the course of the show taken away from her by the chauvinistic and horrible governor, who tricked Dr. Hanover into affirming that Edmond could stand trial by falsely promising to keep the hospital open and then firing Gwendolyn for daring to be more than just a pretty face. I’m very intrigued to see how Gwendolyn, feeling scorned and betrayed, might now team up with Mildred to help her achieve what she wants as a way to get back at the governor who doesn’t realize just how much he’d rather have both of them as allies.

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