Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Round Two: Big Sky

Big Sky: Season 1, Episode 2 “Nowhere to Run” (B-)

I’ll admit that the first episode of this show surprised me, in part because I hadn’t read anything about it or seen more than a moment of the trailer to realize that it had to do with a cult or sex trafficking ring or whatever it is that most accurately describes what’s going on here. It was a bold decision, at the very least, to have Ryan Phillippe’s character get shot in the head at the end of the hour, though we’re obviously going to see him again in flashbacks so that he’s able to remain a credited part of the cast. Rick realizes that he can’t just go around shooting everyone who comes asking questions, but apparently his ex-wife doesn’t find him repugnant enough to know that warning him that Cassie is looking into him is going to put her in serious danger. This giant state of Montana feels a bit too small given that Jenny happens to know someone who might be the one person aware that Jerrie is missing, and that gave her a huge head start to go straight to the exact truck stop where security camera footage could be key to identifying Ronald. Danielle doesn’t seem too interested in doing anything but complaining, while Grace is coming up with active solutions that the equally clever Jerrie is able to support, like singing in a direct plot to appeal to their captor’s religious enthusiasm. Though I’m wary of the way some of these storylines are going, I’m still intrigued enough to see what comes next.

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