Wednesday, November 4, 2020

What I’m Watching: Soulmates

Soulmates: Season 1, Episode 5 “Break On Through” (B)

I’ll give this show credit for having each of its anthology installments feel totally different, even if the results haven’t recently been completely fantastic. The concept here was intriguing but disturbing, especially because of just how much this suicide cult preyed on those who were grieving. It seemed far too obvious that they were taking their phones and then telling them to leave all of their money to the church rather than to anyone in their lives, but these people were at a point where they thought a reunion in heaven was their best chance at happiness, so they weren’t really concerned about their worldly possessions (aside from Travis, who spoke up and was suspiciously found dead a short time later). I try to wait to look up who actors are until after watching an episode, but I had to check to identify Kurt, who was played by Charlie Heaton, best known as Jonathan on “Stranger Things.” I recognized Malin Akerman from “Billions” as Martha, and I know I’ve seen Steven Mackintosh, who played Brother Samson, from something other than his recent performance in “Rocketman.” I didn’t know how this episode was going to end since death seemed likely for both main characters, but it was nice that, after such a creepy focus for most of the hour, things ended up being someone comedic, with them realizing that they should live and be with each other, something they might be able to focus on once they eventually stopped vomiting. It was a bit strange but also endearing.

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