Tuesday, November 10, 2020

What I’m Watching: Fargo

Fargo: Season 4, Episode 8 “The Nadir” (B)

Part of the appeal of having this be an anthology series is that every season features new characters, but it also means that any of them are vulnerable to being killed off at any time, which can be disappointing. It looked for a moment like the earliest casualty of this episode would be Josto after his brother was released, much to his surprise, but instead the two of them seemed to get along fine and be more resolved in their determination to move forward united. Deafy was bold as usual, marching in to show his gun and his badge and breaking down for Loy why it was that he didn’t believe criminals could hold to any set of principles because they thought of themselves as above the law. Though they managed to locate Zelmare and Swanee, there were many people caught in the crossfire, and Odis getting out of the car meant that Deafy was one of them, shot right before Swanee. Zelmare just charged forward and got out of there with her life, and it’s likely that many will pay for the fact that the woman she loved was just killed, surely at Loy’s behest since he didn’t want any loose ends after giving up two people he promised to protect. I’m not eager to see what Oraetta is planning as revenge after she got spooked by news that her poisoning act may well be uncovered, though I’d like to hope that, as the most moral voice on this show, Ethelrida might be able to outwit her malicious would-be killer.

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