Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Take Three: Industry

Industry: Season 1, Episode 3 “Notting Hill” (B+)

I’m glad to see that the relationships on this show are transforming, and we’re starting to see some complexities coming out in problematic ways. Daria telling Yasmin and Harper that it was cute that they were living together but that they needed to keep things professional at work was the understatement of the hour, and it was actually relatively kind given what she was put through by Eric as a result of Yasmin’s actions. Harper wasn’t in a particularly good position with both Daria and Eric expecting things from her, but it’s that very ability to thrive in a high-pressure situation that helped get her this position. Eric chewed Daria out very publicly, and it’s never pleasant to see that kind of takedown happen, especially when Daria was just insisting that she wanted the respect she should be afforded. Yasmin did push to get herself into that meeting, and I thought things would be much worse after Harper brought home a date for some loud sex. Instead, they solved that problem with Harper getting to feel good about paying rent, something she advocated for even if she didn’t want it to be quite as high as Yasmin suggested. Though we are seeing some other relationship drama, I think that Yasmin and Harper’s storylines are the most engaging. Harper’s love life is certainly not simple, but that moment with Yasmin starting some excitement with a dishwashing glove was the awkward highlight of the episode that ended rather unfortunately when a cleanliness question ruined all the fun.

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