Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Round Two: Industry

Industry: Season 1, Episode 2 “Quiet and Nice” (B)

I wasn’t sure what would be the focus of this second episode in the wake of Hari’s suicide. At first, I wasn’t sure how much time had passed since no one mentioned it, and then it became clear that the biggest impact it had was on encouraging the bank to protect itself against possible charges of wrongdoing. Gus, who was already setting his own boundaries, to a degree, absolutely crossed them by speaking brashly about where he did and didn’t want to work when Sara told him his division was being shut down. Harper continues to stand out, and Eric, who isn’t abusive and manipulative like Kenny, has noticed and even tried to recommend her to more important people. It seems that his record isn’t entirely clean, and his style might be just as offensive to some for other reasons. It’s good to see Yasmin and Harper finding support - and roommates - in each other, and maybe Harper’s more positive experience, however built on fabricated history it may be, can rub off on Yasmin as she faces constant demeaning harassment. Harper’s forged transcript is likely to catch up with her eventually, but what happened on the ride home in the previous episode seems like it would be more of a present threat. It seemed like Daria, played by actress Freya Mavor, a standout performer in the film “The Keeper,” would be a nemesis for Harper, but she may well be yet another ally given the supportive way she interacted with her in this hour.

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