Thursday, November 12, 2020

Round Two: A Teacher

A Teacher: Season 1, Episode 2 (B+)

Much of this episode felt like a series of bad decisions, and it was somewhat of a relief to see Claire finally prevent a really bad situation from happening when Eric tried to kiss her at school. I’m not sure why she didn’t see that coming after how she acted with him, bringing him to an alcohol-fueled party when she could have easily avoided it and then accepting his Instagram request to follow her. His mom seems to believe it’s much more innocent than it is, and Claire’s brother wasn’t alarmed either when a kid he had just busted for drinking wanted to call his teacher to come pick him up. There’s no turning back now, and it’s a good thing that Eric hasn’t shared his affinity for her with his friends in any sort of bragging way since they’ll at least be able to unpack it without anyone else knowing what has transpired. There are evidently problems that exist in Claire’s marriage, since Matt’s band-related impulse buy didn’t seem to be the first instance of them not talking about things. He doesn’t appear interested enough in anything that his wife does to notice that she’s spending way too much time with a student, going to his house and having him call her by her first name. What she does after this will be particularly interesting, though presumably this show will showcase them having an affair even if it seems like a situation they’d both want to avoid because of the potential consequences for both of them.

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