Sunday, November 22, 2020

What I’m Watching: The Walking Dead: World Beyond

The Walking Dead: World Beyond: Season 1, Episode 8 “The Sky is a Graveyard” (B+)

I’ll admit that I was curious this whole time about what exactly Silas had done to make everyone so afraid of him, and it seems that he inherited some violent rage instincts from his father that tend to kick in when he gets scared. Fortunately, he has a heart and a much kinder perspective, one that compelled him to choose to be left behind and to tell Iris that he did kill both his father and Tony even though he probably wasn’t entirely sure that he did. Iris was relatively understanding with him, coming to him to ask why he kept her drawings and not jumping to conclusions about the fact that it could be seen as obsessive behavior. I liked Elton’s display of friendship best, telling Silas that he didn’t believe his hypothesis. It’s good that he ultimately decided to break from the group too to go find Silas, though the music-addicted loner may not want company. Hope was also unfortunately compelled to confess that she killed Elton’s mother to him just as he decided to leave, which is sure to make him grow resentful as he has plenty of time to be alone with his thoughts. I was glad to see a glimpse of Elizabeth at the end of the episode and just at that moment had a feeling that Huck might walk through the door. I’m not sure I was as shocked as I should have been to find out that she’s Elizabeth’s daughter, but I’d at least like to think that her being a spy means that the wandering group is safe because they’ve been allowed to move freely and haven’t yet been touched. We’ll see if that’s true, especially now that the pack has splintered.

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