Tuesday, November 3, 2020

What I’m Watching: Fargo

Fargo: Season 4, Episode 7 “Lay Away” (B+)

One thing I truly appreciate is directness, even when it seems to stand in the face of logic and is clearly based on absolute lies. That was the case with Josto’s speech to Loy, telling him that Satchel was dead but that he wanted to grieve with them. Loy was smart to respond calmly and explicitly, asking to see the body to verify that the claim he was making was actually true. Both Josto and Loy have lost their tempers recently – Loy in this episode with the belt – and seeing them both acting in a calm manner was indicative of the wheels turning and scheming going on. Being offered Gaetano as a sacrificial lamb was enough to indicate to Loy that Josto probably wanted him dead, and that letting him go would both confuse and frustrate him. Constant’s would-be hit was fortunately prevented by a “mama lion” ready with a great cautionary tale about how she wasn’t in the cage for her protection. Deafy once again managed to surprise Odis and compel him to pretend to be offended at accusations of corruption, and the response to “I don’t get into your car, you get into mine” was hilarious since it was totally not what he expected. If Odis makes it out of this alive, unscathed, and still in his job, I’ll be truly shocked. As always, one of the most fascinating parts of the episode came at the very beginning with Oraetta’s deadly macaroon delivery. It won’t take much for her to figure out that it was Ethelrida who sent it, and she’ll likely have something far more elaborate planned to get her revenge.

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