Sunday, November 29, 2020

Take Three: Two Weeks to Live

Two Weeks to Live: Season 1, Episode 3 (B+)

I’m very glad that Tina opted to turn around when Kim told her that she had left her fingerprints all over the scene, scolding her that “if you want to have fun, gloves and a gun.” Her presence is very entertaining, showing up first to shoot Ian with a crossbow and then terrifying Jay into submission when he offered himself up as Nicky before retreating since he didn’t want to sacrifice his life. She has some serious opinions about the way the world works, and suggesting that males not admitting that they like sweet drinks, musical theater, and something else I won’t write about here make up most of its problems is a humorous approach, and she obviously holds Kim to high standards, needlessly correcting her grammar in front of her new friends. Nicky bonded with Kim by introducing her to his beloved lonely tree, and he also laughed at her for thinking it was going to rain by looking at the clouds when his app told him otherwise before being proven very wrong. He also found the list, which is likely to change his perspective, and caused him to miss someone walking by the car. This crew is in trouble given the involvement of the police who are also definitely criminals, and I’m curious to see what this witness says. I still enjoy the small comedic moments most, like Nicky correcting Jay’s “bull in a Chinese shop” comments and Kim running into the glass door while she was in the bag.

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