Thursday, November 19, 2020

Take Three: Valley of Tears

Valley of Tears: Season 1, Episode 3 (B+)

There’s a stark difference in tone between the scenes featuring Melakhi, Meni, and Dafna having the time of their lives driving through checkpoints to music and the ones with Yoav and those in the tanks fighting to stay alive. The ending of the episode did serve to transition the three less serious elements into what’s truly going on, as both Melakhi and Meni began falling apart when they thought they had confirmed their loved ones for dead. Dafna kept a cool and level head, walking around to get the names of those who had died, though she likely would have been more upset if she had encountered what she thought to be her boyfriend. Yoav was doing a good job of keeping the troops united as they tried to descend to the lower levels in order to escape, and it wasn’t an easy task given the nearness of the Syrians who were casually executing their hostages. The idea of going further down into a base is far from comforting, but Avinoam seems sure that it leads to a way out, and given that they’re not sufficiently prepared to fight, retreat is the best option. That’s not the attitude expressed by Caspi, who is insistent on standing his ground and keeping his soldiers with him, despite the very clear confirmation that Israel no longer controls the area where they are and there aren’t going to be reinforcements coming to help them. Perhaps a cool car and its passionate passengers will be just what they need to rally some enthusiasm for a plan that’s otherwise not supported by Caspi’s concerned men.

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