Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What I’m Watching: 2 Broke Girls (Season Premiere)

2 Broke Girls: Season 2, Episode 1 “And the Hidden Stash” (C+)

Perhaps my time apart from this show has awoken me to the truth that most people seem to know about this show, which is that it’s not much more than half a dozen punchlines repeated endlessly. I don’t think this episode was any worse than most of the series’ installments from the first season, but there’s something about its cockiness that bothers me. Maybe it’s that, after a whole season of not revealing his identity, Caroline’s father suddenly appeared, in the form of Steven Weber. It’s great casting, but so many cancelled visits and forgotten phone calls were forgotten awfully fast when he finally showed his face. Kat Dennings continue to dominate this show, as Max flirted her way through her encounter with Mr. Channing and didn’t hide her excitement at the notion of illegal activities and of finding a large sum of cash in Caroline’s trophy. It was obvious that there was no cash to be found in the trophy, and watching Max and Caroline decide that it was true when it so clearly wasn’t was a bit irritating. I’m still not a big fan of Sophie, but I’m glad that her relationship with Oleg is being expanded to more than just the four hundred-plus sexual encounters they’ve had. I’m not sure whether this show will sufficiently entertain me this season to keep me watching, but I enjoyed it too much in its first year to give up on it so quickly now. Its new 9pm time slot also suggests that CBS has grand, lengthy plans to invest in this one.

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