Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What I’m Watching: Alphas

Alphas: Season 2, Episode 7 “Gods and Monsters” (B+)

I love the way this show handles even the simplest of plotlines. This episode’s main out-of-control Alpha, of course, was rather complex, and his ability to hypnotize those around him was rather intense. The sight of all the teenagers trying to barge into the room was worrisome, and Jason just being able to touch anyone and add them to his collective was definitely dangerous. The fact that Stanton willingly took advantage of that and Dr. Rosen asked him to add him to his collective in order to help him regain control showed the diverse but equally effective persuasive skills of these two polar opposites. Dr. Rosen so willingly working with Stanton was fascinating, though of course both were just as set on betraying the other in order to gain the upper hand. Stanton stabbing himself in the neck to escape his confinement demonstrated just how powerful he is, invulnerable to death. What happened when Dr. Rosen touched Stanton in Jason’s consciousness was terrific, and, unsurprisingly, what Dr. Rosen saw led him to figure out that Dani is in fact the mole, information he’ll likely treat delicately. It was great to see Gary spring into action and run after Jason, though it’s a shame that he ended up with a shiner as a result. Gary telling Kat that she’s not allowed to steal someone’s partner was entertaining, and I’d like to see the two young ones interact and become friends like Rachel and Nina have. The Senator’s mental state seems to be regressing, and let’s hope that Nina won’t be overcome with guilt before they figure out how to reverse it.

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