Monday, September 10, 2012

What I’m Watching: Boss

Boss: Season 2, Episode 4 “Redemption” (B+)

This episode was full of confrontations, and it’s difficult to pick the most memorable one. Ben’s weakness for women is coming back to haunt him, as an overly eager Patti catches him in an impatient moment and Kitty is forced to make concessions to Maggie after she lords their extramarital indiscretion over her. Few men seem to be able to resist Kitty, as even Sam feels the need to kiss her in the middle of an information exchange. No one has any privacy anymore, as Tom lingered a bit too long on his surveillance of Mona’s home and watched her have sex with her husband. Hallucinating a confession of love to Mona was dangerous, but it looks like the moment was over quickly enough for it to be forgotten. The very uncomfortable Kane family dinner included a surprisingly honest conversation about Tom’s condition before both Kane women got to one-up Tom for the cruelest quotes of the episode. From Emma: “You’re not a father, you’re a monster,” and from Meredith: “Some things are best left broken.” Tom did utter harsh words of his own to Ian, telling him that doing his job well doesn’t call for commendation, and sending him on an errand to the bar revealed that Ian may in fact be Tom’s illegitimate son, which would prove quite transformative. As Meredith recovers, Tom is milking the shooting for all it’s worth, and a staged speech at Lenox Gardens demonstrated just how much he still wants to win, no matter the situation.

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