Sunday, September 23, 2012

What I’m Watching: Parenthood

Parenthood: Season 4, Episode 2 “Left Field” (B+)

There were plenty of parenting firsts in this episode that made for good comedy, but even more for good drama. The most notable of them was Victor faking being sick in order to get out of school, and Julia’s unexpected gesture that puts her in the running for Mother of the Year, promising to stay outside the school for the entire day to make him feel comfortable. That may prove to be the turning point of the relationship between Victor and his adoptive parents, which is great. Kristina mentioning the potential dog purchase to Max after she knew that Adam didn’t approve was unfortunate, and it played out as expected, though Adam did eventually change his mind. From completely out of left field, it looks like Kristina may have breast cancer, which is awful and sure to add another layer of stress and unhappiness to the already strained marriage between Adam and Kristina. I’m interested to see how that will be handled, since no one has really been afflicted with a serious disease yet on this show. Crosby’s frustration with Adam’s ringing calendar was amusing, and Jasmine’s fury at Crosby’s inability to definitely commit was both funny and fearsome. Drew getting broken up with was hardly a surprise, but it was entertaining to see Sarah more upset about it than him, having Mark check on him during school and report back. I enjoyed Sarah’s horrified reaction to Hank’s stories and the subsequent considerably more calm conversation between Hank and Drew.

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