Monday, September 3, 2012

What I’m Watching: Boss

Boss: Season 2, Episode 3 “Ablution” (B+)

There’s sex at almost every turn on this show, and it’s likely to get certain people in a lot of trouble before long. Tom’s paranoia is increasing, somewhat rightfully so, as evidenced by his bugging of Mona’s home and his alcohol-assisted viewing of her dinner conversation with her family. It’s so interesting to see how Tom is manipulating and monitoring Mona and Ian’s interactions, and to see how they are managing to work together, even getting along occasionally. We got the chance to see both in a momentary meeting with their former employers, and Ian’s visit contained an unexpected and quite passionate affair. After being rejected both personally and professionally by Kitty, Ben has decided to refocus his sexual impulses on his very willing intern Patty, right after promoting his wife to campaign manager. Being so obvious in the middle of the office can’t be a good idea, and someone’s going to get damaging dirt on him soon, especially if he keeps defying Tom’s wishes. Emma is proving to be just as bratty during house arrest as she was while she was in prison, and Tom is spiraling downwards as he becomes more and more lonely, accompanied only by his hallucinations of Ezra. It was refreshing to see him be honest – if only for a moment – with Dr. Harris as he confirmed that he was indeed having a hallucination in the middle of their conversation. I’m curious to see who has been arrested as Meredith’s shooter, and how Tom is going to take him or her apart.

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