Thursday, September 20, 2012

What I’m Watching: Boardwalk Empire (Season Premiere)

Boardwalk Empire: Season 3, Episode 1 “Resolution” (B+)

What a violent season premiere this was, offering a detailed and colorful reintroduction to the roaring 20s and its murderous players. Bobby Cannavale definitely made an impression as Gyp Rosetti, and he managed to alienate most of his business associates with his fiery temper on New Year’s Eve. Something tells me he’s going to continue to be a thorn in Nucky’s side, and won’t be killed off so easily if Nucky and his associates attempt such a thing. It’s never a good omen to get a glimpse into a minor character’s supporting life, and a kiss and a new hat were too much for Manny, who got himself taken out by Richard after asking for some autonomy. Manny was only really an ally for Nucky to get rid of Jimmy, whose absence was most felt in Richard’s conversations with his son about how little of the truth he knows about both his father and his mother thanks to Gillian’s influence. It was heartbreaking to see Van Alden come so close to good fortune in his new life and then miss out on a technicality. The Egypt-themed New Year’s Eve party was quite memorable, thanks in no small part to the theatrical performances involved, and it’s interesting to see that Nucky has found himself a new muse in the talented Billie Kent. It doesn’t seem that Margaret minds, though even her professional relationship with her husband has become demeaning, after she was chewed out by two men for raising questions about birth-related policies at the hospital. As always, the world is best seen through Margaret’s eyes, most effective in this hour through the horrific scene that was instantly forgotten at the hospital, and the excitement with which she watched female aviatrix Carrie Duncan’s flight.

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