Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What I’m Watching: Hell on Wheels

Hell on Wheels: Season 2, Episode 6 “Purged Away with Blood” (B+)

This was one unexpected episode, and while its events were hardly worthy of celebration, it’s good to know that this show isn’t held back by such silly things as keeping its main characters alive. Reverend Cole’s complete break with sanity was marvelously assisted by the devious and vengeful Swede, and involving Native Americans in such an obedient manner was risky but didn’t seem to have negative consequences for the hostage-taking clergy member. When he was conscious, Durant managed to use his best asset by trying to talk the Reverend down, and getting him to think about his children was a productive step. After Cullen and Elam took out all the Native Americans onboard, it was Joseph who was forced yet again to take someone’s life for the good of the community. Prior to that brave act, it was entertaining to see Cullen and Elam bonding in a less than warm manner, as Elam revealed that Eva has carrying his baby and Cullen responded rather matter-of-factly rather than exceedingly sympathetically. Though the rescue went well, meaning that no one important died, it still wasn’t a victory for Cullen, as the Swede decided to get some more revenge on his enemy by reporting Doc’s presence aboard the train. Doc’s request for Cullen to be the one to shoot him was rather heartbreaking, and it’s rare to see Cullen so clearly broken up about pulling the trigger and unsure of himself, though, in the end, he performed swiftly and dutifully to end his life.

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