Thursday, September 20, 2012

What I’m Watching: Major Crimes

Major Crimes: Season 1, Episode 6 “Out of Bounds” (B+)

This is hardly the first time that the Assistant Chief has taken an inappropriate interest in a case because it related to his or her life personally. Taylor didn’t try to hide his connection, readily noting his child’s attendance at the school in question, and the aggressiveness with which he sought to close the case wasn’t actually problematic, just a bit more forceful and pushy than he’s otherwise been since gaining this post. Identifying the murder as a result of road rage or just one solitary person rather than a gang shooting was quite important, and the squad did a productive job of getting that done. Unfortunately, Sykes got herself quite injured as she sprinted to stop the victim’s brother from catching the latest suspect, and hopefully the dedication with which she ran after him and the aftermath of her beating will help her be taken more seriously by the rest of the team. It’s no surprise that it was the kid’s racist father, always presuming the worst of a certain type of people, though the execution of the discovery was well-handled, as Raydor realized that he was carrying around just the receipt and nothing else in his wallet so that he could handily provide an alibi for his son. It’s nice to see Sanchez spring into action when gang-related activities, his expertise, are front and center. It’s also quite welcome to see Rusty embracing his current situation with Raydor, deeming a meeting with his own relatives unnecessary since he likes where he is at the moment.

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