Sunday, September 16, 2012

What I’m Watching: Touch

Touch: Season 1, Episode 13 “The Road Not Taken” (C+)

Presenting – a completely random episode of a show you probably forgot was even on the air! Mysteriously, this installment, technically the finale to season one, was aired this past Friday night, and season two doesn’t even premiere until the end of October. In a way, this was a more fitting finale than the two-part saga that aired back in June, but it also didn’t relate closely at all to numbers, and didn’t feature any of Maria Bello’s Lucy or any of the familiar faces from earlier in season one that popped up in that two-hour installment. Coincidence was the word of the day, however, as Martin ended up stranded in the town where he used to live and report just as a major story was breaking. After an unfriendly greeting from Wade Williams’ body shop worker, Martin started his detective work, like always, running around like he’s doing the most important work in the world. This episode was somewhat short on supporting plotlines, featuring only an overenthusiastic kid making a friend in the wilderness and a British couple dealing with moving past the death of their child, connected really only by the Asian girls and their ever-traveling cell phone. While this drama is technically more creative and innovative in its construction than most other shows currently on the air, its specific plotting and characters are considerably more dense, which makes it hard to get into or get excited about this show. I’ll probably be watching season two in October, but it’s going to have to hook me a bit more to keep me around.

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