Saturday, September 15, 2012

What I’m Watching: Glee (Season Premiere)

Glee: Season 4, Episode 1 “The New Rachel” (C-)

There’s a certain point at which shows have run their course, and it’s really best if those behind the show are aware of that fact. Similarly, characters can often take on the personalities of their show, as is the case with this series, which was all about underdogs to begin with and now is enjoying great popularity. Some of its more genuine characters, like Tina and Blaine, have begun to become aware of that, acting like they’re way too cool for school and thinking that they can replace Rachel while she’s at college. In one sense, it would be better for Rachel to be forgotten about altogether and not replaced, but it’s also hard to root for any of the supposed candidates for her slot since none of them were ever featured enough to be a true contender. There’s a heavy focus on both Rachel, getting taken down a peg on an hourly basis by a cruel Kate Hudson, and Kurt, who gets to go to New York City without a job just to see if he can make it there, while Finn, Santana, Puck, and Quinn are entirely omitted from the premiere. This show was supposed to be about following your dreams in Lima, Ohio, and setting half the show in New York City to follow just two characters is frustrating. Dean Geyer, best remembered as wannabe lunar accountant Mark Reynolds from “Terra Nova,” is being too obviously positioned as a force to come between Rachel and Finn, and his standing ovation complete with thunderous applause for Rachel’s solo was cringe-worthy. Back at McKinley, the new characters are overly unspecific tropes – the good girl and the bad boy – while personalities like Unique overwhelm all of the attention. It’s hard to imagine where this show is heading since it’s splitting off into so many irritating directions, and while I don’t see myself abandoning it just yet, I’m not just how much more I’ll be able to tolerate.


Unknown said...

Tolerate? That's a really harsh word for a show that's supposed to be enjoyable. Honestly, I thought this episode showed plenty of promise, even if it wasn't so well executed. While I also wish they had simply graduated the characters instead of following them, I didn't mind seeing Rachel in New York as much as I thought I would and since I've always loved her relationship with Kurt, I cheered at the very end of the episode when they got together. Also, all the characters outside of Rachel and Finn (and maybe Kurt) started out as undefined tropes that got defined more as the show went on, so I think we still need time to get to know Mallory and Jake (which really intrigues me). Characters like Sugar and Sam have grown on me, so I'm sure they will too. I'm going to give it time. Also, New York State of Mind is one of my all time favorite songs, so the episode earns points for that (even if it loses points for Call Me Maybe).

On another note, Shaná Tova (in case I don't post again before Rosh Hashaná)!

Movies with Abe said...

Perhaps it was a bit harsh; I just didn't enjoy it at all and found it very grating.

Shana Tova to you as well - I've scheduled Emmy winner predictions for the next two days and will return with reviews on Wednesday!