Monday, September 3, 2012

What I’m Watching: Wilfred

Wilfred: Season 2, Episode 11 “Questions” (B+)

As if this show weren’t already detached from reality, here’s an installment where the main character is tripping for its entirety. It’s just like Wilfred to drug Ryan after he chickened out of taking the intense drug, and what a trip he had. His Native American spirit guide, inspired by Ryan’s stereotypical idea from movies, was entertaining, and it was quite devastating to see him felled by an arrow from a jealous Wilfred. I liked the casting of Brad Dourif as the mysterious photo developer in Ryan’s trip, and he proved useful in both making the trip more bizarre and helping Ryan to discover just why it was that he launched into a panic attack – because Kristen always told him not to cry. Her responses to Ryan’s reactions to her breastfeeding, first telling him to be mature then not to be a pervert, never happy with him no matter what he does. Only Ryan could see his own sister kissing his number one crush in his dream and not find it entirely objectionable. The fact that Amanda only popped up in a picture suggests that Allison Mack won’t be coming back and that we really have seen the last of Amanda, which is a shame. Ending the episode on Ryan breaking down and crying with Wilfred cuddling up to him was yet another bleak and hopeless note on which to close out the show, suggesting that things will only get grimmer and more depressing as the show heads towards its season finale.

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