Monday, September 10, 2012

What I’m Watching: Royal Pains

Royal Pains: Season 4, Episode 12 “Hurts Like a Mother” (B+)

She’s usually very private about her personal life, but Divya has now been transformed entirely and isn’t able to shut up for a minute about how much fun she’s having with Rafa. Letting it visibly affect her work and not be subtle about her affection – both verbal and physical – for him in front of Dr. Sacani are especially deplorable. Fortunately, Dr. Sacani is able to confine his feelings to daydreams and to brief conversations with Evan, who for once gets to be the perceptive one when usually he isn’t able to notice anything unrelated to him. Getting Paige to talk to her parents was a selfless gesture, and it’s just a shame that, rather predictably, her birth mother would have to arrive at just the moment where Paige was finally heading back to a good place, family-wise. Paige’s interaction with the patient helped her along as well, and it was fun to see Carrie Preston from “True Blood” and “The Good Wife” as the romance novelist uncertain of how to deal with her extremely intellectual daughter. It’s great to see Hank’s romance with Harper working out rather well, and to see an unexpectedly graphic – for this show, at least – scene of them reenacting a wild sex scene from Hank’s pleasure reading. Though it most definitely qualifies as a distraction, getting some action and finding the right partner seems to be doing more than one doctor on this show some good, providing them with some much-needed opportunity for rest and relaxation.

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