Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What I’m Watching: Major Crimes

Major Crimes: Season 1, Episode 5 “Citizens Arrest” (B+)

You can tell that it’s not going to be a positive episode when a kid is found dead in a barrel in the opening moments. This was an especially dark hour, however, that never got any less bleak as each new character proved more despicable than the previous one. Criminals that refuse to accept the authority of the government make things considerably more difficult, and D.D.A. Hobbs, Sanchez, and Sykes did their best to deal with that particular situation. Though she once again proved idiotic by not knowing when to keep her mouth shut and spilled the beans about Ben’s death to his friend, Sykes did redeem herself after Provenza kept touting her previous experience and teamed her up with Sanchez. Though she didn’t seem on board with Sanchez’s intimidation techniques, she was right with him in the van and on the ground when the action started. This wasn’t a good episode for fathers, one of whom didn’t treat his wife terribly well and another who shot his old son after realizing that the police had gotten to him. Provenza’s intimate knowledge of divorce papers, something he wouldn’t usually consider an asset, proved quite useful in determining who the kidnappers were. After more complaining about his situation, Rusty seemed to comprehend the gravity of the work Raydor and the rest of the team were doing, showing her the respect that she had wanted all along, and I think that the fact that her conversation with him about his father was off-camera means that this may represent a turning point in their relationship, which could help Rusty get off the notion of finding his family and set him in a more positive direction.

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