Monday, January 14, 2013

What I’m Watching: 30 Rock

30 Rock: Season 7, Episode 9 “Game Over” (B+)

With this show headed swiftly for its final hour in less than three weeks, it’s refreshing to see an episode as funny as this one. It was fun to see Chris Parnell, who I watched moments earlier on this past week’s episode of “Suburgatory,” pop up once again as Dr. Leo Specimen, who ended up in Westchester despite Liz’s deliberate efforts to avoid him and promptly got promoted to surgeon general. It was great to see another snippet of “Celebrity Homonym,” which has to be the best fake TV show ever created. On the guest star front, Megan Mullally’s return appearance as the adoption agent was brief but amusing, highlighted by her sarcastic assertion, echoed by the next agent Liz called, about her remembering Liz because she only deals with one person. Octavia Spencer certainly had fun parodying herself as an extremely difficult star for Tracy to contend with, and she had many great lines, like changing Tubman to Tubgirl. The best part of her appearance was the fact that her assistants were named Mizz and Dotgov. It was entertaiting to see Steve Buscemi’s Len Wosniak again, who really went undercover for his latest job and seems to have found a whole new life as an engaged woman. Chloe Grace Moretz’s Kaylie Hooper and Will Arnett’s Devon Banks will eternally be fabulous nemeses for Jack, and it was great to see him trick Kaylie after realizing that she would trick him. It’s just like Hank to emphasize something like the notion of a happy birthday wish only counting on your actual birthday, and Jack’s well-timed birthday card turned out to be a triumph. Two of my favorite lines from the episode were Kaylie’s description of pleasure as “the name of a pony I hate” and Jack’s response to Liz’s insult of “You’re off the rails,” which was “thanks for the compliment; train travel is for hobos.”

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