Saturday, January 26, 2013

What I’m Watching: Girls

Girls: Season 2, Episode 2 “I Get Ideas” (B+)

The developments of this episode were mostly negative in nature, but, as always, the writing on this show is so excellent that it’s hard not to be complete drawn in to every situation. I enjoyed Elijah confronting Sandy in the bathroom about being a Republican, which of course led to an unpleasant conversation later on about Sandy’s beliefs which resulted in Hannah saying much more than she probably wanted to about how much they disturbed her. Jessa was quick to pass judgment on Sandy, telling Hannah that she overthinks too much, and that if he hasn’t read her essay yet, he wasn’t ever going to make time for it. It turns out it was worse than that, since he didn’t like it because nothing happened, but that wasn’t nearly as bad as Hannah’s ensuing confrontation with Adam. Dialing 911 brought over the least subtle cops ever, and Adam ended up getting himself arrested while Hannah panicked and tried to apologize for dialing 911. Marnie rebounded from having a miserable interview where she was told that she didn’t belong in the art world admirably, thanks to Shoshanna’s recommendation, though, as expected, Hannah didn’t think much of her new career. I’m not sure it can last, but it’s good to see Shoshanna experiencing some happiness for once, seemingly having entranced Ray with her quick talking and particular interests. In season one, it was Hannah and Marnie who were in relationships, and now it looks like it’s the other two main characters, whose unlikely romances seem to be blossoming.

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