Thursday, January 24, 2013

What I’m Watching: Suits (Mid-Season Premiere)

Suits: Season 2, Episode 11 “Blind-Sided” (B)

Without any USA shows currently airing new episodes, I had almost completely forgotten about this show. It turns out that it’s not entirely essential viewing, but it does possess that soapy quality that makes it immensely watchable, particularly for the dynamic between Harvey and Mike. This episode was a bit literal in terms of its depiction of Mike’s sense of right and wrong, having him offer $100,000 to the victim’s family when they said they would accept $20,000 and then going to the lawyer who offered his grandmother a similar deal when his parents were killed by a drunk driver. Mike trying to report the fact that his client was high when he hit the victim to the opposing counsel was crossing a line, and this is now the umpteenth time that Harvey has talked about how he’ll never again stick his neck out for Mike. Speaking of repeated mistakes, haven’t Jessica and Harvey learned by now that they can’t manipulate Louis, lest he feel truly betrayed and then try to seek vengeance of his own. Not only did Jessica’s fake hiring freeze rob the firm of its newest Mini Louis acquisition, Maria Monroe, it also ended a relationship that, while unsettling to watch, seemed to make Louis quite happy. Harvey even got a chance to be sentimental in this episode as he tried to romance Zoe and even brought flowers for her niece when he came for the second date. Harvey isn’t destined for true love, however, since he’s so clearly married to his work.

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