Monday, January 21, 2013

What I’m Watching: The Mindy Project

The Mindy Project: Season 1, Episode 11 “Bunk Bed” (C+)

I’m a bit worried that I’m letting what I hear and read other people think about this show affect my perception of it. Yet that’s not entirely the case, since I am concerned and unimpressed with the direction that some of these plotlines are going. Most annoying and problematic are the antics around the office. To the show’s enormous credit, Morgan works as a character. When he’s the only bearable one in the office, that’s saying something. I’ve read that Shauna will be written out, which is fine, but Betsy is pretty bad too, and having them sneak around all day while they’re at the office – when Danny, who mandated Saturday hours, isn’t even around – to find a People magazine because he verbally banned Facebook is a waste of time. The fact that Morgan got called by Mindy to come to her apartment and build a bunk bed, and that Danny had time to leave and come find him, was just ridiculous. I wish that there would have been more to Danny and Gwen’s meeting than painkillers and a comment about being a handsome jerk, and I also find Mindy’s attitude towards Gwen’s daughter to be too childish, even for her. What was positive about this episode, however, was the very welcome appearance of Allison Williams, star of “Girls,” as the woman with the eye-patch who wasn’t going to let Danny get away with whatever he wanted. I sincerely hope that she’ll be sticking around and that we can forget all this letter business and just move on to him making Mindy jealous by dating Eye-Patch Girl.

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