Thursday, January 24, 2013

What I’m Watching: Nikita

Nikita: Season 3, Episode 7 “Intersection” (B-)

For a show that isn’t always terrific but has always been strong with its villains, Anne was awfully cartoonish. Taunting Sonia from afar was stupid, mainly because she’s just at much at risk of falling prey to Amanda’s fury and losing her life to the boss too. Birkohff’s dream was rather vivid, and enlisting everyone’s help to save Sonia was a daring mission that actually went off pretty much without a hitch. You’d think, however, that Alex would have done a better job of surveillance and been closer to the spy when he was exposed instead of cutting it very close and nearly getting Sonia killed. It was interesting to see Amanda get upset with Anne for throwing a grenade at Michael and Nikita’s car, since she clearly wants to keep them alive, but it doesn’t make total sense given that they are her enemies and she’d definitely want them dead so that her plan of world domination could be considerably more achievable. Neither of them is dead, but Michael’s not going to be nearly as cool anymore without his hand, which Nikita seemed very ready to chop off without much hesitation. Michael confronting Alex about her drug addiction made for a painfully convenient weapon for Amanda to use, and everyone at this new Division seems awfully forgiving when it comes to being a traitor, a drug addict, or just a generally overly excitable agent whose instincts and passion often put the rest of the team in danger on a regular basis.

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