Friday, January 18, 2013

What I’m Watching: Californication (Season Premiere)

Californication: Season 6, Episode 1 “The Unforgiven” (B)

This show has always been wild and crazy, and after the events of the final moments of the season five finale, it was clear that things would be changed in a big way. What wasn’t necessary, however, was the sight of an unshowered Hank drinking his way through an entire episode, even resorting to peeing in a bottle and then drinking it because he didn’t feel like visiting one of Charlie’s three and a half baths. It’s much better to see him sarcastic and focused, spiraling out of control because of his own purposeful misdeeds rather than being able to blame it on the booze. I’m much more enthusiastic about scenes like the horrific intervention, which found Marcy airing her troubles a bit publicly and, as usual, Becca having to be the mature one. With Tyler out of the picture, let’s hope she can avoid following in her father’s footsteps and try to get her own life together after she helps him with his. We’ve seen a few too many eccentric creative partners for Hank in the past, and I’m not sure that another wild personality is what this show needs right now. Karen and Hank giving their relationship a try is definitely a reason to watch, and I’m much more intrigued by the guest stars I’ve heard about for later this season than I was by the content in this particular episode. Let’s hope rehab proves productive for Hank. This show’s writing continues to be top-notch, and it’s hard to find anything as full of wit and self-deprecation.

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