Sunday, January 6, 2013

What I’m Watching: Person of Interest

Person of Interest: Season 2, Episode 11 “2-Pi-R” (B+)

With Reese in jail, it’s great to see Finch working overtime and calling on Fusco and Carter to help him out as he tried to be in multiple places at one time. Watching him pose as a substitute teacher reminded me of the final season of “Lost,” in which Michael Emerson’s character Ben had a similar job in another life. He did manage to make math sound truly interesting, explaining pi’s functionality and capturing the attention of more than one student. Caleb’s story turned out to be more complicated than originally expected, and it was moving to see Finch approach him in the subway and talk him down from the suicide he was planning. The fact that he was the hacker being discussed by Beckner was Finch was fun, especially when Caleb took a moment to ruminate on that possibility at the end of the episode. I knew that Beckner, played by Luke Kirby, who starred in “Take This Waltz” last year, couldn’t be a bad guy, and it was nice to see him explain to Finch that Caleb was getting both the credit and the money for his work. With Fusco helping him with all things Caleb-related, Finch tasked Carter with an important mission which she carried out admirably. Unfortunately, Donnelly really wants to get the man in the suit, and it looks like Carter is going to have to interrogate Reese, which should produce intriguing results and hopefully lead to some sort of escape route for Reese that can get things back to normal.

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