Sunday, January 13, 2013

What I’m Watching: Nashville

Nashville: Season 1, Episode 9 “Be Careful of Stones That You Throw” (B+)

This episode was full of major developments just right for coming back from a several-week hiatus. Juliette’s proposal apparently resulted in some rather immediate action, which caused a great amount of stress for Sean’s parents and seems to have caused her to reconsider whether having sex with her boyfriend was worth eloping and consigning herself to a life of sitting on the couch cuddling while watching football plays via tablet. It was obvious even before Sean was seen waiting patiently for his bride to show up that Juliette wasn’t going to show up, and seeing her board the plane instead of walking into the ceremony made it abundantly clear that this just isn’t the life for her. Rayna going on tour right away and trying to take her kids with her resulted in the first noble move from Teddy in a while, standing firmly by his wife when he found out exactly how Lamar had threatened her to try to get her to give up her plan. The unknown father would have to be Deacon, and I’m sure that’s something we’ll hear about again eventually. Deacon is enjoying plenty of success with his new gig, but I think the pull of more than one woman in Nashville will bring him back home sooner rather than later. Avery managed to evoke slight sympathy for himself for a moment, and then watching him interact with both his band and with Scarlett quickly negated that. It was refreshing to see Scarlett rock out with his band, and I’m glad that she and Gunnar have made up since it’s about time that someone other than Avery achieved some success.

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