Sunday, November 22, 2015

What I’m Watching: The Flash

The Flash: Season 2, Episode 6 “Gorilla Warfare” (B)

I’m not too fond of Grodd as a villain for this show, and therefore this episode could only be so enticing. Fortunately, the other elements of the episode worked very well, and it’s all in the service of the show’s greater mythology. Caitlin being kind to Grodd helped ensure her survival, and our new friend Harry offering to don the Reverse-Flash’s costume to make his son feel loyal to him was a solid plan. It didn’t work too well, mainly because Wells asked for Grodd to do something rather than aggressively telling him, but they were ultimately able to get him through the portal to what I’ve seen referenced as Gorilla City, an Earth-Two place that apparently has quite a lot of enhanced apes. Barry’s father returning to help him get back on his feet, literally, was helpful, but seeing what he thought was the other Wells also gave him an important push to gain back his speed. Joe contradicting Barry’s lie about liking canned soup could have soured his budding romance, but it seems that it actually served to enhance their connection, leading to a formidable reunion and promising developments for their future. Cisco’s date went excellently, too, despite an initial disquieting vision that, when expanded upon the second time they kissed, showed Cisco a much more reassuring and awesome truth: his new girlfriend Kendra is going to become a superhero, Hawkgirl. To the famed metahuman namer, dating a metahuman he finds attractive and cool is just about the best thing in the universe.

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