Sunday, November 8, 2015

What I’m Watching: Grandfathered

Grandfathered: Season 1, Episode 5 “Edie’s Two Dads” (B-)

The premise of this episode was outlandish to be sure, and it’s also difficult to get behind something that you know can’t possibly last forever even if it does work at first glance. Jimmy getting so excited at the notion of his granddaughter going to a top-notch preschool because he values things like that should have also triggered a desire to help get her in rather than to place more emphasis on his pride, which began with him not wanting to be seen by an attractive young admissions counselor as a grandfather. Joanna Garcia Swisher was Sloan, that counselor who, inevitably, proved alluring enough to Jimmy that he had to kiss her and threaten to derail the whole plan. I’m not sure why Annelise needed to be there, but Vanessa’s presence and role in the whole thing was funny. I also enjoyed the fact that Sara, so traumatized by her realization of the horrific place that she had sent her son as a child, showed up to try to help and then promptly made up an excuse and walked out the door so that she wouldn’t have to deal with whatever was going on there. I have to imagine there will have to be a set number of times that Jimmy can screw up before Gerald stops forgiving him, but there’s also the sentimentality behind Jimmy wanting the best for his child and especially holding on to the faked photograph showing him being present at the birth of his granddaughter standing right next to his son.

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