Thursday, November 5, 2015

What I’m Watching: Minority Report

Minority Report: Season 1, Episode 7 “Honor Among Thieves” (B+)

This episode was interesting because it was different, approaching things from a new angle and also flashing back to what happened immediately after precrime was disbanded. The most jarring sight was an innocent-looking Arthur being pleased at the idea of getting a girl’s number because she smiled at him and it made him happy. The ensuing murder that was caused as a result of Arthur interfering changed things, and it seems that Dash is the only one who is pretty much the same now as he was then. Agatha has softened considerably even though she is still cautious, and Arthur has turned into an irresponsible playboy eager to take advantage if he can get ahead. In this case, that got him into trouble, or more precisely, Dash into trouble. It’s a good thing that, in the future, fingers can be easily reattached since losing a digit would have been a high price for Dash to pay. Dash did hold up pretty well under torture, and even got to communicate his location to Arthur when he realized he was going to be present for a murder. Arthur does seem to get punched in the face a lot, though this time he undeniably deserved it, as Vega showed how much she cares about her new partner. Seeing that Reed Diamond’s Henry was there when precrime was disbanded and should definitely recognize Dash is disconcerting, and I suspect that he’s going to be the primary force behind trying to get the siblings back into the water.

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