Sunday, November 29, 2015

What I’m Watching: Minority Report

Minority Report: Season 1, Episode 9 “Memento Mori” (B+)

This is likely the second to last episode this show will air, which is a real shame since, unlike previous future-set crime shows, this one is actually much better nine episodes in and didn’t fall apart after a strong pilot. What’s particularly compelling is that this show has become less about seeing and preventing a random murder in the near future but much more connected to an overarching storyline, one that involves the impending renewal of the precime program albeit with a more targeted and deliberate focus. The existence of Memento Meri, a creepy group with extreme anarchist aims, helped bring two major guest stars who I was pleased to see. Christopher Heyerdahl from “Hell on Wheels” appeared briefly in a previous episode and was now much more front and center as the trigger man who mortally wounded the senator to make his point. On the other side of the law, Steven Williams, who I remember from “The X-Files” twenty years, appeared in his third current show this month as Bridge. Blomfeld seems very intent on getting the precogs back into the water, and trying to confiscate Wally’s equipment was a dangerous first step followed up by the even more worrisome close call with Agatha at her home. Her vision is still clear and shows Vega making the call to put them back in, and I sincerely hope that whatever remains of this show clues us in on how things get to that point or instead offers an enthralling series of events that leads to an altogether different outcome that defies precognition.

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